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Quarterly FRG newsletter for July/Aug/Sept 2009




















Awards and Honors

  SFC Julio Linares (MSM)       



Farewells to the unit:


  CW4 Leguizamon (Mobilization)


  SFC Julio Linares (AGR Transfer)


  SFC Robin Russ (Retirement)





  MAJ Harold Robinson


  SSG Maureen Bak


  SPC Nicholas Shaw


  SGT Yesenia Ortiz


  SGT Orlando Ortiz


  SGT Christopher Godman


  SPC Vincent Jesse



Commander’s Corner


        I would like to once again extend my thanks and appreciation to everyone who participated in our Warrior Ethos II exercise at the Marseilles Training Center in May.  I look forward to our 2010 Warrior Ethos exercise at Wright Patterson Air Force Base.  Currently, this will be scheduled for June 2010.  I finally had an MRI for my twisted knee last Friday (only 8 weeks after the fact) so I should be getting the results soon.  I think I am going to run around the Slanted Wall obstacle next year when no one is looking. 

        The JRISE family day picnic was very successful even though the weather was not very cooperative.  I am not sure when summer is coming to the Chicagoland area but I’m sure we will be complaining about the heat and humidity when it does arrive.  The JRISE Dining-In at Great Lakes Training Center is on Saturday Night of our July Battle Assembly.

        The Fourth of July Holiday is coming up please remember all those who have served in our nation’s defense so we can enjoy this festive celebration with our loved ones.  Thank you also for your 100% devotion and dedication and to your loved one who support your commitment to the United States Army Reserves.  Please do not drive if you have been drinking.

        This is Mr. Donald Russ last Family Readiness newsletter so I am looking for a family member who would like to be the unit’s Family Readiness Liaison.  If you are interested in helping out please email at 

        Have a great summer and see everyone at the Battle Assembly on 11-12 July.



Blaine A. Bowers









1SG’s First & Foremost


        Greeting to all the fine soldiers of JIOCEUR ARE Det 2! We have accomplished many things since the last newsletter and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for stepping up to the plate and taking care of business.

        The Warrior Ethos II was a huge undertaking for such a small unit and we had our issues, but the mission was accomplished in a safe and effective manner. We are now in “The Year of the NCO”! NCOs have a very proud tradition as the backbone of the Army. Over the next year we will have some presentations concerning the history, mission and future of the NCO Corps. Additionally, any NCOs with an interesting story concerning their careers are encouraged to type up the story and send it on to me. These stories are being collected for publication by higher over the next year. Don’t be shy; your story is our story and our history.

        The ‘JIOCEUR Dining Out” is upon us. It will be a very fun evening and I look forward to seeing you there. Finally, the summer is now here and ‘fun in the sun” is the name of the game; but, remember safety in all things. In our quest to enjoy the summer we sometimes feel invincible but we are all human. Remember to drink water if doing strenuous activities outdoors in the heat. Slow down whether driving a car or motorcycle and finally watch your time in the sun. If you must be in the sun, apply sunscreen. It may be a pain, but it is a small price to pay to avoid sunburn and the increased potential of skin cancer. Have a fun, be safe and I will see you at drill.


MSG Matthew H. Pecoraro

































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My Picnic Experience

by Kevin Lindner, age 7

as interpreted by Don Russ




This year the picnic for my grandma’s army work was at the beach again.  Last time we had a picnic here it rained real hard.  We’ll see.


As soon as we arrived I met Hunter.  He’s a sailor but he’s okay.



His sister Maddy was shy at first so we went inside the shelter to eat.



They had hamburgers and regular hot dogs and funny-looking hot dogs.  I prefer hot dogs to hamburgers and I stopped putting funny-looking things in my mouth when I was Hunter’s age.


Then we went outside.  My grandma started talking to her air force friend so I was free to take my big frisbee out onto the beach.



This guy was a good thrower but then I saw that Hunter and Maddy were on the beach too.



It was a big beach but I saw them and so I went over to them and I started throwing to Maddy.



Hunter wanted turns so we threw to him too but he didn’t know that you have to pay attention all the time.



They both wanted to play with me.  So that was cool.



There are different kinds of big sisters.  Maddy is the good kind.



Hunter reminds me of myself back when I was young.



It was D-Day, June 6th.  There were other sailors on the beach, but not so many soldiers.  I guess sailors like to be near the water.



Even if it is cold and windy.



But then it started to rain, like it did the last time we had a picnic here.  Cold plus windy plus rain sent the lifeguards inside.  Which was okay because nobody was swimming.



So we left.  On the way out I met another girl.



She was like Hunter except without the chocolate.



As we walked to the car I saw Sergeant Mike.



I did my best throwing with him.



He serves twice.



Sailors, soldiers, cops.  I’m glad we could have a nice picnic.  They do serious business. 





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