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Quarterly FRG newsletter for Oct/Nov/Dec 2008


Change of Command









Commander’s Corner


I would like to welcome all soldiers, spouses, and family members to our unit.  This is our unit’s first Family Readiness Group (FRG) newsletter.  The newsletter will be published once a quarter, I hope everyone takes the opportunity to read it and recognize all efforts and accomplishments that this unit does on a daily basis.


Second, I would like to introduce myself as LTC Blaine Bowers.  LTC Arleen Coates and I conducted our change-in-command ceremony on Saturday, August 2, 2008.  We would like to thank COL Montgomery Dolieslager for presiding over the ceremony and Brig. Gen Purser for attending.


I have been in military since 1986 and I am married to Barbara for 10 years.  We have a seven year old daughter named Brittany and a 3 year old son named Bryce.


I would like to thank everyone for attending the JRISE Family Day picnic (photos) in September.  A special thank you goes out to all the men and women who put this festive occasion together.


The upcoming year will be exciting with our annual FRG Holiday Party set for Sunday, December 7th, 2008, a date which will live in infamy.*


The JRISE will probably have their annual Holiday Party the previous day, Saturday, December 6th.  I hope all family members take this time to enjoy everyone’s company.









* Update Nov. 20:  The Army Family Holiday Party will be held on Saturday, the same day as the JRISE Holiday Banquet.




Chief Hayes retires









COC  photos

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picnic photos

Hail and farewells


Hails:  I would like to welcome the following soldiers to our unit:


CW3 Jefferson


WO1 Bodemer


CPT Osthoff


CPT Hannigan


CPT Kent



Farewells:  I would to congratulate the following soldiers who officially retired from the military and wish them the best of luck and thanks for the devotion and commitment in the defense of our nation.  The unit will miss you.


LTC Orentas


CW4 Hayes


MSG Templar





Battle Assemblies


Drill schedule for first quarter of FY09


October 4-5

November 1-2

December 6-7


Drill schedule for second quarter of FY09


January 10-11

February 7-8

March 7-8


Drill schedule for third quarter of FY09


April 4-5

May 2-3

June 6-7


Drill schedule for fourth quarter of FY09


July 11-12

August 1-2

September 5




MSM for LTC Coates on 2 Aug 2008

MIRC Coin for LTC Coates on 2 August 2008


MICR Coin for MAJ Harbaugh on 2 August 2008


1 JSCM for CW4 Hayes on 6 Sep 2008


ARCOM (interim) awaiting MSM for MSG Templar on 6 Sep 2008


AAM for SFC Freeman on 6 Sep 2008


1 AAM for SFC Tackett on 6 Sep 2008


MSM for LTC Orentas on 15 Sep 2008





















 Keep them both in your prayers


Brigadier General William G. LaFleur, Ret. was diagnosed with a grave type of cancer two weeks ago.


BG LaFleur is the father of WO1 Ryan LaFleur.








My Picnic Experience

by Kevin Lindner, age 6

as interpreted by Don Russ



My mommy brought me to the place my grandmother does her army work for a picnic.  Before I could go outside, I had to be inside.



And then we went outside.  This is Ashley.



And this is Ashley’s family.



They had a place where I could shoot a real rifle.



A real soldier showed me what to do.



Yes, yes, I know my grandma is a real soldier too.



But mostly she is Grandma.



One of my new friends had a ticket that won him some stuff.



Plus, he could jump high.



When I saw this, I knew what we would do with it.



First, the girls had their turn.



They hit it,



and hit it,



and hit it.



Then they took the stuff that fell out.  They were very polite to each other.

They took turns picking the stuff up and everybody got some of the stuff.



I knew there were different rules for boys.  I knew that I would have to move fast to get the stuff.


The competition knew it too.



So we hit it,



and hit it,



and hit it,



and hit it,



and hit it.



And then I had to move fast because the stuff on the ground was not going to stay on the ground for long.



I went straight to the biggest pile an scooped it into my bag real fast.



Then my grandma made me give some of my stuff to the little boys.



That’s okay.  I don’t care about having it.  I just wanted to get it.


And next year, I am going to get more than anybody.