EUCOM ARE DET 2 Family Group Support Newsletter

special D-Day supplemental edition


Quarterly FRG newsletter for April/May/June 2009

supplement for 6 June 2009








My Picnic Experience

by Kevin Lindner, age 7

as interpreted by Don Russ




This year the picnic for my grandmaís army work was at the beach again.Last time we had a picnic here it rained real hard.Weíll see.


As soon as we arrived I met Hunter.Heís a sailor but heís okay.



His sister Maddy was shy at first so we went inside the shelter to eat.



They had hamburgers and regular hot dogs and funny-looking hot dogs.I prefer hot dogs to hamburgers and I stopped putting funny-looking things in my mouth when I was Hunterís age.


Then we went outside.My grandma started talking to her air force friend so I was free to take my big frisbee out onto the beach.



This guy was a good thrower but then I saw that Hunter and Maddy were on the beach too.



It was a big beach but I saw them and so I went over to them and I started throwing to Maddy.



Hunter wanted turns so we threw to him too but he didnít know that you have to pay attention all the time.



They both wanted to play with me.So that was cool.



There are different kinds of big sisters.Maddy is the good kind.



Hunter reminds me of myself back when I was young.



It was D-Day, June 6th.There were other sailors on the beach, but not so many soldiers.I guess sailors like to be near the water.



Even if it is cold and windy.



But then it started to rain, like it did the last time we had a picnic here.Cold plus windy plus rain sent the lifeguards inside.Which was okay because nobody was swimming.



So we left.On the way out I met another girl.



She was like Hunter except without the chocolate.



As we walked to the car I saw Sergeant Mike.



I did my best throwing with him.



He serves twice.



Sailors, soldiers, cops.Iím glad we could have a nice picnic.They do serious business.





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