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Quarterly FRG newsletter for July/Aug/Sept 2009

supplement for July 11










On July 11th we gathered with Marines, sailors and airmen for a dinner.



At the front of the room, a small table was set with a place for each branch.



We remembered colleagues who would not dine with us tonight.



Which is one more reason this would be a good day for our enemies to die.



So we drank to our flag and our leadership.



We drank to our veterans and our lost.



And then we drank from the toilet.



Well, you had to be there.



If you were not wearing spurs, you could drink from a cup.



“Dining Out” is a formal event to which warriors bring guests.



It is scripted.



But only to a certain extent.



The Honorable Mark Kirk, congressman for the 10th District of Illinois joined us.



A naval reservist, he spoke of our mission.



He got a coin and a book.



It was not a fundraiser.  It was a time of mutual respect.



Finally, we toasted our country.  The evening was ended.



At the table with the Bible and the flag, the two gravy boats were still filled.










A complete set of candid photographs is on file at the ARISC.


The formal photographs may be downloaded from:


(right-click and then “save as”)





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