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Quarterly FRG newsletter for April/May/June 2009


April 4th photos:










Commander’s Corner



        I am glad to see that this winter is coming to a close but you would not know that with the snow we are still getting here in Chicago at the end of March and the beginning of April.  Whatever happened to the saying, “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb”?


        This quarter has been relative quiet as compared to the first newsletters.  Which is a good thing!  However, the unit has lost two very valuable role models this quarter.  LTC Harbaugh, the Detachment Executive and Operations Officer, was promoted and has transferred to a new AGR position in Washington, D.C.  LTC Harbaugh is one of the finest soldiers I had the pleasure to work with in my 23 years of service.  He was one of the original “Dirty Dozen” that started this unit back in 2006.


SGM Scudder too was promoted and moved onto a new unit.  SGM Scudder is the type of NCO that all officers need to experience as their right hand man.  I was fortunate as a commander to have such a highly professional NCO like SGM Scudder.  He was also one of the original “Dirty Dozen”.  Both soldiers have been instrumental in the growth and development of EUCOM ARE Detachment #2 and I am confident that they will continue to do great things for their gaining units.


        I am pleased to announce the new EUCOM ARE Detachment #2 First Sergeant, MSG Matthew Pecoraro.  MSG Pecoraro is no stranger to the unit.  He has been NCOIC for the IDX division for 2 years.  I look forward to working with MSG Pecoraro throughout my tenure as the commander.


        The detachment will be heading to Marseilles, Illinois from 6-10 May to complete of personal weapons qualification and Warrior Task Training.  Last year this event was a total success and I believe this year will be the same.


        I am looking for a new Family Support Group Representative starting after July 1st.  Mr. Donald Russ whose wife is retiring in April has agreed to stay onboard until the 4th Quarter Newsletter has been published.  If you are interested please contact me at and I will explain what is required to be the Family Support Group Representative.


        In closing, I would like to thank Mr. Donald Russ for his service as the Family Support Representative and making this Newsletter possible.


LTC Blaine A. Bowers









Awards and Honors

MSM LTC Harbaugh

MSM SGM Scudder


Selected for Promotion


MSG Scudder to Sergeant Major (E-9)

SFC Flythe acceptance to the Warrant Officer Course



LTC Harbaugh (March)

SGM Scudder (January)



New Family Members


SFC McMillian’s family has a baby girl named Katie.


Farewells to the unit


LTC Harbaugh and SGM Scudder


Hails/New Soldiers


SPC Walker, Nolan (01/09
SPC Makowski, Edward (01/13)

SFC Iskerka, Mary (01/17)
SPC Szudick, Ronald (01/21)
SGT Nagorny, Jeremy (01/23)
SSG Kaffenbarger, Jeremiah (02/08)
PFC Leguizamon, Eric (02/14)

SPC Carpio, David (02/24)

MAJ Dietrich, Adam (02/24)

SPC Shaw, Michael (02/25)
LTC Widmar, Willard (03/08)

CW4 Leguizamon, Domingo (03/10)
SGT Godman, Christopher (03/25)

MAJ Robinson, Harold (04/03)





SFC Russ in April.  Her official ceremony will be determined at a later date.  Thank you for your over 20 years of dedicated service to our great nation. 


March 7th photos:
















Battle Assemblies




Drill schedule for third quarter of FY09


April 4-5

May 2-3

June 6-7


Drill schedule for fourth quarter of FY09


July 11-12

August 1-2

September 5

























To the Soldiers of Det 2 EUCOM JAC ARE, and the families that support them,


I am MSG Matthew H. Pecoraro and I have assumed the position as the detachment NCOIC / First Sergeant from SGM Theodore Scudder who has been promoted and has moved on to the next stage in his career. First I want to congratulate SGM Scudder. He is truly deserving of the honor and increased responsibilities of his new rank and position.


I want to thank SGM Scudder for the incredibly superb job he has done for our unit for the past three plus years. He has set a level for performance in the NCOIC position that I fear will be unmatched. Having said that, I will try my very best to perform to his standard. In addition, I would like to thank SGM Scudder for the multitude of hours he has volunteered to support our May field exercise even after being assigned to his new unit. His service is surely not mandated, and he could have easily moved on to his new assignment, which will be extremely challenging in its own rite. I truly appreciate his efforts, without which we would have struggled greatly to pull off this all important task.


Now for a short introduction. I came to this unit nearly 4 years ago straight from the Illinois Army National guard where I had served in many capacities. I began my military career in Jan 1990 in the Military Police Corps, HHC, 33d MP BN as a Corrections Specialist. We performed our Annual Training at Ft. Leavenworth Prison. After four years, we dropped that mission and began performing ATs in the country of Panama engaging in armed garrison duty among other missions. I was state activated three times, twice for Bulls championships security operations and once for the 1993 Mississippi Floods. In 1997 I moved over to the 933rd MP Company and was Federally mobilized and sent to Germany in support of Balkan operations.


Upon returning home I transfered into the 38th Infantry Division Rear Ops Cell (ROC). Where I became an Infantryman and Assistant Operations NCO. About a year later I became a Counter-Intelligence Special Agent and became NCOIC of the Intelligence Section of the 38th I.D. (ROC). I performed in multiple Warfighter exercises at Ft. Leavenworth. In 2003, I went AGR and trained at the Ft. Sheridan ARISC and in Molesworth, England for an upcoming deployment to Kosovo, Serbia. This was my first introduction to the formation of this unit. I deployed to Kosovo in 2004 and upon returning in 2005, I transferred into the Army Reserves and into this unit. I was one of the very first soldiers to be assigned to this new unit and was immediately assigned as the IDX Branch NCOIC. I held that position until taking the position I now hold.


My time in this unit has been educational and challenging. The soldiers in this unit are among the most professional I have had the privilege to work with. I look forward to the challenges ahead and appreciate, in advance, all the continued support from the great soldiers in our unit and the families who support them and allow them to do what they do for the unit and our great country.


Last but not least, Family support is the unsung hero in our global struggle. Know that without family support the "why" behind what we do would be meaningless. All you do, to include just being there for our soldiers, is appreciated to an extent that cannot be fully realized. For now, a simple thank you is what I offer. Keep up the good work!




Matthew H. Pecoraro

1SG, EUCOM JAC, ARE Det 2, Ft. Sheridan





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